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Re: pop3 and Maildir

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Mitchell wrote:

> Hi, I was wundering if anyone knows of any pop3 daemons for Debian that
> support the Maildir format.  We are currently using exim as our MTA with
> courier-imap for access to the mailboxes.  I have as yet been unable to
> find a courier-pop3d package for Debian, and it would seam that this is
> only available as part of the entire courier MTA package which provides
> imap, MTA, mailing lists, and such. 
> vpopmail is also not an option as it depends on qmail and appears to
> have it's own proprietry CDB format for storing usernames and passwords. 

The pop3 daemon that ships with the qmail package (obviously =) supports
Maildirs. I have used it with great success on high load qmail
installations. The license qmail is published under probably prevents
packaging this daemon separately, but it could be easily broken out and
installed by itself. I've found the tcpserver/qmail-pop3d to be incredibly

Brian O'Reilly

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