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Re: Traffic shaping & proxy problem

Fraser Campbell wrote:
> José Carlos Ramírez Pérez  <JoseCarlos.Ramirez@isotrol.com> writes:
> > On the other hand, I have a Squid proxy running on the same machine and
> > can't control with CBQ the traffic it generates. This is because the
> > communication is between user-proxy, and between proxy-internet, so if I
> > choose to limit traffic from proxy to user, internal traffic gets
> > veeeery slow (retrieving pages from cache, and so on) and I'm not sure
> > this will be any good because the proxy will try to fill its cache at
> > maximum speed, thus getting all available bandwidth from the 64K Frame
> > Relay. Can you advice me about any way to solve this problem, please?
> I think you can accomplish what you want with Squid's built in delay pools:
> http://squid-docs.sourceforge.net/latest/html/x2087.htm
Thank you for your advice. I've just read it and have found that it's
not as hard as it looked to me the first time. This is by far the best
documentation I've found about delay pools.

I've tried it and seems to work pretty well. My first drawback was that
it is not able to 'share' the unused bandwidth between the outgoing
connections, but as I've seen by my last tests, this feature on iproute2
seems not to work at all (at least for me), even with unbounded classes,
so I finally choosed to divide the available bandwidth between an
estimated number of concurrent connections, which gives a reasonable
limit to bandwidth consumption and users don't get angry at first click.
Now I even can see the advantage on Squid delay pools usage, its
capability of limiting bandwidth only to those transfers that exceed a
'maximum size' parameter, which boosts up normal web surfing but slows
down large and inconvenient transfers.

Thanks a lot.

(P.D: any ideas about the problem with unbounded classes? I'm using TBF
as the queue discipline (that's cbq.init default))

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