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Re: Traffic shaping & proxy problem

Hi there

I have been trying to get this (traffic shaping) working for a while, what
packages are you using to achieve the CBQ?  What debian release are you
using and what kernel version are you using?



David Anso

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Subject: Traffic shaping & proxy problem

> Hello all.
> I've setup a traffic shaper (or should I say a bandwidth control policy)
> in my Debian router using CBQ, with the unvaluable help of cbq.init from
> Pavel Golubev (I've slightly modified it to be able to create
> non-bounded classes and to specify prioritized filter rules). I've
> created several classes to divide the overall available bandwidth (only
> 64K) between logical sub-classes in the office (7 Kbps each).
> Well, it seems to be working well. Theoretically, the non-used bandwidth
> in the other classes is being "spread" between the classes for which
> there is traffic. But, I've no clue of what time should it take to
> realize there is unused bandwidth and will borrow it for necessitated
> classes. This time will be longer if there were more classes? I've been
> requested to set up a class for each machine, but something tells me
> this will not be any good at all.
> On the other hand, I have a Squid proxy running on the same machine and
> can't control with CBQ the traffic it generates. This is because the
> communication is between user-proxy, and between proxy-internet, so if I
> choose to limit traffic from proxy to user, internal traffic gets
> veeeery slow (retrieving pages from cache, and so on) and I'm not sure
> this will be any good because the proxy will try to fill its cache at
> maximum speed, thus getting all available bandwidth from the 64K Frame
> Relay. Can you advice me about any way to solve this problem, please?
> Thanks in advance.
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