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Traffic shaping & proxy problem

Hello all.

I've setup a traffic shaper (or should I say a bandwidth control policy)
in my Debian router using CBQ, with the unvaluable help of cbq.init from
Pavel Golubev (I've slightly modified it to be able to create
non-bounded classes and to specify prioritized filter rules). I've
created several classes to divide the overall available bandwidth (only
64K) between logical sub-classes in the office (7 Kbps each).

Well, it seems to be working well. Theoretically, the non-used bandwidth
in the other classes is being "spread" between the classes for which
there is traffic. But, I've no clue of what time should it take to
realize there is unused bandwidth and will borrow it for necessitated
classes. This time will be longer if there were more classes? I've been
requested to set up a class for each machine, but something tells me
this will not be any good at all.

On the other hand, I have a Squid proxy running on the same machine and
can't control with CBQ the traffic it generates. This is because the
communication is between user-proxy, and between proxy-internet, so if I
choose to limit traffic from proxy to user, internal traffic gets
veeeery slow (retrieving pages from cache, and so on) and I'm not sure
this will be any good because the proxy will try to fill its cache at
maximum speed, thus getting all available bandwidth from the 64K Frame
Relay. Can you advice me about any way to solve this problem, please?

Thanks in advance.
                José Carlos Ramírez Pérez
                Área de Internet y Telecomunicaciones

                ISOTROL S.A.
                Avda. de la innovación nº 1, 3ª plta, 41020 Sevilla
                Tel.: +34 955 036 800 - Fax: +34 955 036 849
                web: http://www.isotrol.com/

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