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Re: Backups to CD


I think the simplest way is to use dd. I made a backup with:
dd if=/dev/sdb bs=2048 count=700000 | gzip -v > backup_cd1.img.gz
dd if=/dev/sdb bs=2048 skip=700000  | gzip -v > backup_cd2.img.gz

To put it back, mount the cd's and:
gunzip -cd backup_cd1.img.gz | dd of=/dev/sdb bs=2048 count=700000
gunzip -cd backup_cd2.img.gz | dd of=/dev/sdb bs=2048 seek=700000

Hope it helps,

On 8 Feb 2001, David Bishop wrote:

> I'm trying to make backups to CD, and of course, have 800-900 megs worth of
> data, compressed.  What is the best way to split up large tar or cpio files,
> that will allow them to easily be put back together, booting off of a rescue
> floppy or the like?  I don't need any scripts or direct-to-the-burner
> solutions, neither of the computers have cdr's in them.  Just a simple way
> for my boss, who is only very slightly linux savvy, to be able to run
> restores.
> TIA and HAND,
> D.A.Bishop
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