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Re: ADSL problem...

On Fri, 02 Feb 2001 10:21:01 +0100, Jason Quigley writes:
>I understand what you're saying. The software for windoze does use pppoe. It's
> a really bizarre utility which creates a pseudo lan device and routes between
> that and the physical lan card. I cannot, however, use an adsl router configu
>red for pppoe bring up a connection.
>All I really need, I guess, is a way to force the modem to start it's pppoa co
>nnection and then connect to the modem via pppoe. As I say, this is a guess - 
>a really big guess! :)

Just install the PPPoE-package, the modem does (simplified) nothing 
 else then to deencapsulate the PPP out of the E, then reencapsulates 
 it in A ;-)

So, the proper way to get the modem to initiate the PPPoA-connection is 
 to connect to the modem with PPPoE.

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