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Re: ADSL problem...

Hi Robert!

I understand what you're saying. The software for windoze does use pppoe. It's a really bizarre utility which creates a pseudo lan device and routes between that and the physical lan card. I cannot, however, use an adsl router configured for pppoe bring up a connection.

All I really need, I guess, is a way to force the modem to start it's pppoa connection and then connect to the modem via pppoe. As I say, this is a guess - a really big guess! :)


On Friday, February 2, 2001, at 07:35 AM, Robert Waldner wrote:

> When it´s connected to you PC via a LAN card it has to use some  
>  protocol other than PPPoA on the LAN side. PPPoA is fine between modem  
>  and DSLAM but not for the LAN side. 
> Are you really sure that it doesn´t use PPPoE[0] on the ethernet side? 
> cheers, 
> &rw 
> 0: or something like PPTP, which is just plain sick, but in use here in  
>    .at nonetheless. 

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