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Re: Network problem on Proliant w/Debian

I had a lot of problems with eepro100 cards, and wouldn't recommend it to
anybody using linux....as Andrey Savochkin (the current maintainer of
the driver) said once , " I'm working on the next generation workaround"
.... And , yes, under 2.4 it refuses to work..... My advice is - get 
3com 3C905B , modify max_interrupt_work in linux/drivers/net/3c59x.c to
something like 1024, and live happily ever after....

On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Alexander Reelsen wrote:

> Hi
> I am having heavy problems with getting eepro100 cards to run on Compaq
> Proliant DL 360.
> The nics just work fine on a 2.2 Kernel, so a physical error can be ruled
> out. I already tried to get the card working with all stable 2.4 kernels,
> some AC and some pre-ones.
> Here's the error message I get, when trying to do a ping:
> eth1: Transmit timed out: status a090   0c00 at 28/58 command 0001a0000
> I looked at the source in 2.2.18 and 2.4.1, when this message is printed
> out and I couldn't find any significant difference (there also aren't any
> changing #defines).
> What makes wondering some more is, that the same card works in any other
> computer around here, so it must have something todo with 2.4 and
> Proliants.
> Does anyone suffer from similar experiences or am I the only one?

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