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Re: ADSL problem...

I'm not sure if it'll work as I have an ADSL router which does pppoe. This doesn't connect so I don't really see what I'll gain from the deb pkg.

Also, the docs (if they can be called that) which come with the modem tell me that you can connect multiple machines to the modem over the lan as long as only one at a time is using a connection to the internet!!!!

I think the basic problem is that 3com stuff is crap - always has been IMHO. I've never liked playing with it - except the Palm Pilot, but then, they didn't create and code it! ;-)


On Friday, February 2, 2001, at 06:34 PM, Robert Waldner wrote:

> On Fri, 02 Feb 2001 10:21:01 +0100, Jason Quigley writes: 
> >I understand what you're saying. The software for windoze does use pppoe. It's 
> > a really bizarre utility which creates a pseudo lan device and routes between 
> > that and the physical lan card. I cannot, however, use an adsl router configu 
> >red for pppoe bring up a connection. 
> > 
> >All I really need, I guess, is a way to force the modem to start it's pppoa co 
> >nnection and then connect to the modem via pppoe. As I say, this is a guess -  
> >a really big guess! :) 
> Just install the PPPoE-package, the modem does (simplified) nothing  
>  else then to deencapsulate the PPP out of the E, then reencapsulates  
>  it in A ;-) 
> So, the proper way to get the modem to initiate the PPPoA-connection is  
>  to connect to the modem with PPPoE. 
> cheers, 
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