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Re: Network problem on Proliant w/Debian

um, I'm sorry, I wasn't following the whole thread, but I am using eepro100 cards almost exclusively on debian and redhat boxen... they work great, even with 2.4 (starting at 2.4pre8) for about 5 months now... I previously was using the boomerang/vortex 3com nic's, but had reliability problems with them....

I would conclude (forgive my presumptions...) that for everyone who has had problems with brand A, there is someone who swears by it, and vice versa... Just my twocents.


Vasil Kolev wrote:
I had a lot of problems with eepro100 cards, and wouldn't recommend it to
anybody using linux....as Andrey Savochkin (the current maintainer of
the driver) said once , " I'm working on the next generation workaround"
.... And , yes, under 2.4 it refuses to work..... My advice is - get
3com 3C905B , modify max_interrupt_work in linux/drivers/net/3c59x.c to
something like 1024, and live happily ever after....

On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Alexander Reelsen wrote:


I am having heavy problems with getting eepro100 cards to run on Compaq
Proliant DL 360.

The nics just work fine on a 2.2 Kernel, so a physical error can be ruled
out. I already tried to get the card working with all stable 2.4 kernels,
some AC and some pre-ones.

Here's the error message I get, when trying to do a ping:
eth1: Transmit timed out: status a090 0c00 at 28/58 command 0001a0000

I looked at the source in 2.2.18 and 2.4.1, when this message is printed
out and I couldn't find any significant difference (there also aren't any
changing #defines).

What makes wondering some more is, that the same card works in any other
computer around here, so it must have something todo with 2.4 and

Does anyone suffer from similar experiences or am I the only one?

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