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Re: Dell PERCraid 3/Di

pete@elbnet.com wrote:
>   Has anyone had any luck (experience) compiling a kernel to boot with a DELL
> PERCraid 3/Di (Adaptec AAA-3xx) controller?
>   All my attempts end with a kernel panic because I can't mount /.
>   I am creating a RAM disk image of the modules to load before trying to
> mount / but I get a modprobe error block-major-8, error=2. I tried adding this
> as an alias to modules.conf (alias block-major-8 percraid) but no luck.
>   I have managed to get *one* Red Hat pre-compiled kitchen sink kernel to boot
> (2.2.14-5.0smp) but nothing else.
>   Any suggestions?
> Pete

I'v recently installed a Dell 2400; I used the aacraid patches from the Redhat ftp server
to create a new kernel. However, be sure to use the lates patches. SOme of the older ones
made the system very unstable. We're currently using the 1.06 patches without any

Maarten Vink
"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so", Douglas Adams

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