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Managing a mail/web server without Unix accounts


I am looking for a documentation, as much detailed as possible, 
on the setup of an Internet server (mail, several domains, POP 
and IMAP, a Web server with FTP and DAV upload by customers, 
may be Zope), *without* Unix accounts. The actual database 
should be a DBMS (possibly with three-tier architectures).

There are two reasons for that:

- I want the database of users to be modified by non-root people, 
from a Web interface (and I want security),
- I don't want Unix limits (even if Linux raises some) like the 
8-chars limit for the login or the maximum number of users.

I have one more demand, which is my excuse to post on debian-isp :-) 
I want free software, as much as possible, and I prefer it already 
packaged. (I *can* patch Qpopper and Zope but I prefer something 
which will not force me to manage a fork.)

Apparently, there are many parts of the complete solution: PAM 
<http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/libs/pam/index.html> (any list of 
PAMified apps in Debian?), LDAP <http://www.openldap.org/>, but 
no comprehensive documentation discussing pros and cons, practical 
problems, lists of applications which support it, etc.

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