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Re: Dell PERCraid 3/Di


Has a pre-patched 2.2.18 kernel, but also includes images of boot, root, and
driver disks for the PERC. Works great!


pete@elbnet.com wrote:

>   Has anyone had any luck (experience) compiling a kernel to boot with a DELL
> PERCraid 3/Di (Adaptec AAA-3xx) controller?
>   All my attempts end with a kernel panic because I can't mount /.
>   I am creating a RAM disk image of the modules to load before trying to
> mount / but I get a modprobe error block-major-8, error=2. I tried adding this
> as an alias to modules.conf (alias block-major-8 percraid) but no luck.
>   I have managed to get *one* Red Hat pre-compiled kitchen sink kernel to boot
> (2.2.14-5.0smp) but nothing else.
>   Any suggestions?
> Pete



Rich Puhek
ETN Systems Inc.

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