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Re: Managing a mail/web server without Unix accounts

Bonjour Stéphane, Hello all,

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 11:08:23AM +0100, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> I am looking for a documentation, as much detailed as possible, 
> on the setup of an Internet server (mail, several domains, POP 
> and IMAP, a Web server with FTP and DAV upload by customers, 
> may be Zope), *without* Unix accounts. The actual database 
> should be a DBMS (possibly with three-tier architectures).

I can tell you a few words about our setup; the point is that it works
quite well, but is quite not "packaged", although it could be somewhat

Incoming mail : 
- accounts stored in a database
- "stock" postfix MTA
- "heavily patched" postfix local delivery agent, in order to check
account against database, enforce quotas on mailboxes and message
size, and to handle our "home made" spool directory : mailboxes are
basically in Maildir format, but the directory structure is somewhat
hashed to handle *lots* of users. For instance, a user spool dir could
be /var/spool/mail/z/f/t/toto@axialys.fr/ (then cur/new/tmp maildir

Outgoing mail : either "blind" relaying of trusted IPs, or SMTP AUTH
done with the same database.

POP/IMAP (and IMAP based webmail) : slightly patched Qmail POP and
Courier Imapd, to handle our database.

Web : apache and ftpd are "stock", but we set up a few perl scripts
that are called remotely to handle config changes. Config is stored in
a global database, and a server's httpd.conf can be regenerated in
full at anytime, if required. FTP is handled with "normal" accounts,

Be aware that DAV is not very server-side scripting friendly yet :
there is no way for Apache to send a php file to a DAV client without
parsing it. The available solutions to this problem are mostly things
like creating other virtual hosts or directories (pointing to the same
space), and disabling scripting for these. And although we don't like
it much, users like Frontpage a lot, and that's what we use instead of
Dav until now, because of these problems.

Best regards,
Nicolas BOUGUES Axialys

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