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Re: Benchmarking for Remote to Remote Host: How-to?

> It seems like a reasonable idea to try to evaluate a backbone ISP from a
> traffic speed perspective, from a random sample of my customers (94% of
> whom have dedicated, high-speed connections) to the nearest hub of the
> ISP. I need no services from the ISP other than basic throughput, my web
> server to customer.
> After spending a considerable amount of time at this, I've found the
> decision generally seems to be made on a hunch. Large sites have
> redundant service from two or more backbones, but I am not near that
> stage.
> So, logic be damned, I guess it's time to flip a coin.

Take a look at ab, the Apache benchmarking program though, that's what the
webperf site uses.  They poll 4 times an hour, and try to use a number of
different poll hosts, located at a number of main switch points.


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