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Benchmarking for Remote to Remote Host: How-to?

What is the best method for benchmarking potential ISPs for an existing
website? My only concern is speed from my paid members to my website.

Initially, I looked for a a method/utility for doing remote host to
remote host packet timing. With a traffic analysis tool like ping or
trafficroute that could do this (possibly by re-routing packets), I
could do a series of tests from a random sample of the IP addresses of
the paid members of my web site to the local routers of my potential
ISPs -- thus emulating the potential differences in service. Problem is,
I have been unable to find such a beast. 

I currently have a 64k ISDN connection with PSInet out of Toronto. I
desperately need to increase bandwidth, but before signing another
contract it seems prudent to evaluate other ISPs offerings. 

I understand that this is not a question for an ISP to an ISP, but I
would hope it relevant. I have spent many hours searching for a solution
and have found nothing. I tried to search this lists archives, but have
been unable to access them.

Any direction, suggestions appreciated.

Thank you for considering my request.


Jeff Hill

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