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WANTED rouing head-cook;-)

Hello debian-isp,

[Linux box RT-A]-------------------(3)+
       |                              |
       |(1)                       [Box RT-C]
       |                              |
       |                              |
[Linux box RT-B]------------------(2)-+

(1) Non stable direct Link via leased line modems with ethernet if
(2) Stable direct link via ethernet
(3) 2 Modem link (EQL)

Path [RT-A] (1) [RT-B]  use as primary, [RT-A] (2)-[RT-C] [RT-B] as
reserve. [RT-A] and [RT-B] now use static routing with source routing,
which provide by 2.2 Linux kernel's. [RT-C] is the simple static
router on which I would not like to change anything.

HOWTO implement automatic routing switching, minimize delays,
and do not change behaviour of the static routing (with source
routing) decision.

Best regards,
 Ant                          mailto:Ant@ibd.ru

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