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Re: evolution patch now 30 days old and counting...

>>>>> On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 17:33:25 +1100, Martin Pool <mbp@sourcefrog.net> said:

  Martin> It's not unique to Debian; I have had correct kernel patches
  Martin> go unanswered for longer than that, and I'm sure many other
  Martin> people have as well.

A kernel maintainer that doesn't respond in 30 days to a valid patch
is not a maintainer, period.  Yes, it happens, but I don't think
anyone would defend such a "maintainer".

  Martin> Even after writing a patch, a certain amount of prompting is
  Martin> sometimes needed to get it in.

I didn't expect it to get accepted right away.  All I expected was
some sort of (human) confirmation.  "Yeah, that looks like a problem,
I'll forward it upstream" would have made me perfectly happy and would
have been of value to me, because, frankly, I have no idea how
Evolution development works.

  Martin> I actually said "not unheard-of"; it's definitely on the bad
  Martin> end of normal.  I would guess that this particular one went
  Martin> to the bottom of the pile because few people run Evolution
  Martin> on ia64.

Like I mentioned in my mail, the bugs are in no way limited to ia64.
They affect all 64-bit platforms.


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