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Re: evolution patch now 30 days old and counting...

>>>>> On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:26:28 +1100, Martin Pool <mbp@samba.org> said:

  >> Can anyone on this list do something about it?

  Martin> It looks like the patch is not Debian-specific so you might
  Martin> have much better luck passing it straight to the upstream
  Martin> Evolution developers.  If they accept it, you can add the
  Martin> 'pending' (?) tag and a note to the bug.

  Martin> It's generally better not to have Debian-specific patches so
  Martin> probably all the maintainer would do is pass it upstream.
  Martin> Sometimes they're not sufficiently confident with the source
  Martin> to know whether a patch is good or not.

What?  You're saying the package won't get fixed until upstream gets
fixed?  And I suppose even then we'll be at the good grace of Kitame
to actually update the Debian package?

Wow, I'm impressed by the efficiency of Debian bug fixing.  Not.


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