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Re: Use of Intel Fortran compiler on a Sid/IA64 box?

Christian.Perrier@onera.fr (Christian Perrier) writes:

> Thanks. But do you think that it is Good to mix all this stuff into
> the ia32-libs package?

It's a hack.  

The real solution is for dpkg to support installing packages from more than 
one Debian architecture on a single system, with suitable redirection of the 
root to /emul/ia32-linux in the case of an ia32 package being installed on 
an ia64 system.  All the 64 bit architectures that allow both 32 and 64 bit
userspace potentially face the same kind of problems.

I asked for this functionaly a while back, but the dpkg developers had already
declared feature freeze for Debian 3.0 (woody), so this will have to wait 
until after woody.

In the meantime, I'm willing to populate ia32-libs with whatever is needed to
make some "interesting" set of ia32 binaries work on Debian ia64 systems.
Repackaging libraries this way is a bit icky, but I've got the framework in
place such that adding another ia32 .deb to the set being delivered is not a
big deal... and we'll gracefully transition ia32-libs out of existence once 
dpkg can do what we need natively.

> Thanks for your help and responsiveness.

No problem.


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