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Re: Ris: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!

Hi Thomas, I can confirm that the issue is now solved. I have the old translation now.

Den søndag den 14. juni 2020 19.10.20 CEST skrev Thomas Vincent <thomas@vinc-net.fr>:

Hi Joe,

Le 13/06/2020 à 21:18, Joe Dalton a écrit :
> Hi have we lost the functionality where the old translations was shown
> in the bottom?

Thanks for the report!
Do you have an example of this?

The translation/review page is probably looking for the former
translation/diff at the wrong location (for instance, on ddtp2.debian.net).
We are currently looking into this issue and may have fixed some of its
occurrences thanks to the patch provided by s3v.

Best regards,

> if yes, that is a serious setback.
> and is
> https://ddtp.debian.org/
> the new official place to make translations?
> bye
> Joe
> Den onsdag den 10. juni 2020 01.48.20 CEST skrev Thomas Vincent
> <thomas@vinc-net.fr>:
> Hi,
> Le 09/06/2020 à 13:06, Beatrice Torracca a écrit :
>> On martedì 09 giugno 2020, at 00:47 +0200, Thomas Vincent wrote:
>>> In the meantime, Beatrice added a warning on ddtp.d.o pages to state
>>> that it was still a testing instance and that all work done may be lost,
>>> but some contributors continued to provide translations (maybe they did
>>> not see the warning) and I did not want to have them loose more than one
>>> month of work, so the goal then became to fix all broken translations,
>>> and we're still at that step, unfortunately. :(
>> Maybe (next time) it would be enough to comunicate this kind of
>> decision on the list (unless I missed it, and I apologize if I
>> did). We (Italian team) followed rules and missed a lot of months of work.
> Yes indeed. I know how such long breaks can be demotivating.
>> I imagine I should change the warning then. Any suggestion?
> Simply remove it?
>>> So, to sum up:
>>> - ddtp.d.o seems to be working fine now and all translations done on it
>>>  will be kept
>>> - translations accepted between roughly mid-march and mid-april may
>>>  contain badly encoded accented characters, they all need to be
>>>  reviewed and fixed (probably manually)
>> Is there an (easy) way for you to have a list of them? Not the wrong
>> ones, all the translations accepted in that problematic time
>> interval. Each language could review their own translations. I surely
>> can do it for Italian, maybe other languages too.
> I retrieved a list of all translations accepted between March 1st and
> April 15th here: https://storm.debian.net/grain/JxKdTRSxGHkBwz4Xzzc9Ew
> Andrey and I have started to review all of them and we're reopening
> translations for review when we find encoding issues.
>>>> I can help somehow to move forward and fix
>>>> remaining issues?
>>> Well, first, thanks for the ping and the help offer! :)
>> Yes, thanks a lot to s3v for the ping. I planned to do it for a long
>> time and never did. I apologize with the Italian team for that. I
>> stalled their work long enough.
>>>> Thanks a lot  for taking care of this job.
>> +1 Thanks a lot for the work on this. It is indeed much appreciated.
> Thanks for the thanks. :)
> Thomas

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