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Re: Ris: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!

On martedì 09 giugno 2020, at 00:47 +0200, Thomas Vincent wrote:


> The current status is: needing motivation. :)

That is understandable... we are all volunteers

> In the meantime, Beatrice added a warning on ddtp.d.o pages to state
> that it was still a testing instance and that all work done may be lost,
> but some contributors continued to provide translations (maybe they did
> not see the warning) and I did not want to have them loose more than one
> month of work, so the goal then became to fix all broken translations,
> and we're still at that step, unfortunately. :(

Maybe (next time) it would be enough to comunicate this kind of
decision on the list (unless I missed it, and I apologize if I
did). We (Italian team) followed rules and missed a lot of months of work.

I imagine I should change the warning then. Any suggestion?

> So, to sum up:
> - ddtp.d.o seems to be working fine now and all translations done on it
>   will be kept
> - translations accepted between roughly mid-march and mid-april may
>   contain badly encoded accented characters, they all need to be
>   reviewed and fixed (probably manually)

Is there an (easy) way for you to have a list of them? Not the wrong
ones, all the translations accepted in that problematic time
interval. Each language could review their own translations. I surely
can do it for Italian, maybe other languages too.

> > I can help somehow to move forward and fix
> > remaining issues?
> Well, first, thanks for the ping and the help offer! :)

Yes, thanks a lot to s3v for the ping. I planned to do it for a long
time and never did. I apologize with the Italian team for that. I
stalled their work long enough.

> > Thanks a lot  for taking care of this job.

+1 Thanks a lot for the work on this. It is indeed much appreciated.


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