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Re: Ris: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!


Le 04/06/2020 à 13:23, s3v a écrit :
> What is the current status of the ongoing
> transition?

The current status is: needing motivation. :)

Following the announcement in March that the migration was in progress
and required some validation before we could make it official, it was
found that new translations could be broken by an encoding issue.
Fixing this issue led to another one and I think Andrey managed to have
everything solved by the middle of April.

In the meantime, Beatrice added a warning on ddtp.d.o pages to state
that it was still a testing instance and that all work done may be lost,
but some contributors continued to provide translations (maybe they did
not see the warning) and I did not want to have them loose more than one
month of work, so the goal then became to fix all broken translations,
and we're still at that step, unfortunately. :(

So, to sum up:
- ddtp.d.o seems to be working fine now and all translations done on it
  will be kept
- translations accepted between roughly mid-march and mid-april may
  contain badly encoded accented characters, they all need to be
  reviewed and fixed (probably manually)
- we won't ask ftp masters to retrieve the new state of the translations
  until all those translations have been checked

I can't give you an estimate of when it will be done, we don't even know
how many translations are affected.

> I can help somehow to move forward and fix
> remaining issues?

Well, first, thanks for the ping and the help offer! :)

If you know perl/postgresql, you can come talk with us on #ddtp on IRC.
If you don't, you can still come talk with us on #ddtp on IRC. :D

> Thanks a lot  for taking care of this job.


Kind regards,

> Kind Regards
> -------- Messaggio originale --------
> Oggetto: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!
> Da: Thomas Vincent
> A: Debian I18n ,Debian L10N Development
> CC:
>     Hello all,
>     We were planning to send you a message tonight announcing that we would
>     be migrating the DDTSS service next weekend, with a proper timeline,
>     etc. but ddtp2.d.n tried to catch us by surprise and went down again.
>     Luckily, I have retrieved the last available version of the database
>     backup yesterday evening, so that means that at worst we don't have the
>     last day of contributions on DDTSS (I don't know at what time DB daily
>     backups are prepared).
>     So, what I propose to you instead is that we start the migration process
>     tonight and let you know when ddtp.d.o is ready to be used (hopefully
>     tomorrow morning).
>     Cheers,
>     Thomas

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