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Re: Changing i18n.debian.net DNS records


On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 10:44:27AM +0100, Michael Bramer wrote:
> On 11/19/2012 08:05 AM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > Really, we need this change as, as of now, we still have no sync
> > between ftp.debian.org and translated descriptions from churro.
> >
> > Also, even though the DDTP is operational on churro in its new location,
> > it's hard (not to say impossible) for translators to work on it.
> I have a problem....
> I don't find my usb stick with my debian pgp-key and I was last week
> in munich on a exhibition and not at my office.
> Please ask the dns master of debian.net to adopt ddtp.debian.org on
> your account.

After checking the gobby page we used during i18n sprint, the Documentation
page says:

 * .net domains (ddtp.d.n and i18n.d.n)
   - DSA (zobel) made:
     + ddtp.debian.NET owned by ddtp group
     + i18n.debian.NET owned by debian-i18n group

But ldap says different. I guess that the right opportunity to perform the switch.

Martin, do you remember this ? Do you need a signed mail from a debian-i18n
member ?

BTW, once a debian.net domain is owned by a role account, how DNS updates can
be performed ?

Simon Paillard

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