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Re: Call for translations for vidalia...

Quoting Dererk (dererk@debian.org):

> Ok, well, what have happen is that things have changed in favor of
> simplification, that's why this new debconf template uses two strings in
> one template.

OK, no problem, that happens..:-)

> >> "Users who should be able to control Tor daemon need to be added to the group "
> >> "\"debian-tor\"."
> >> msgstr ""
> > This is not a sentence and the long description should be a full
> > sentence (or more than one, of course).
> >
> > Something like "Please enter the list of users that...blah blah
> I'm completely open to ideas. Right now I think it's short and simple
> enough to transmit the idea. What would you like to change from the
> above sentence(s)?

My mistake. I overread the sentences and the above is indeed a real
sentence (I missed the "need" verb). And, after somethinking, it is
OK, for me. Sorry for the noise.

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