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Re: State of pootle.debian.net, alternatives for the Romanian team

On Tue,18.May.10, 07:15:08, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > I would be interested in the state of pootle.debian.net. Is it usable?  
> Only for debian-installer level 1 files. This is the only project
> where a two-way process is possible and where it is possible to commit
> from Pootle and have you work being used without any other action.
> > As far as I can tell the stats for Romanian are wrong.
> For D-I, they shouldn't.
Take for example sublevel 2:

- in Pootle:	5634t116f496u
- in SVN:	492t13f22u

I must be missing something!
> Other projects are more prospective things I try to keep running. The
> "debconf" or "po-debconf" projects is supposedly gathing all material
> for debconf templates l10n, assemble them in an SVN hosted on alioth
> and have Pootle hooked on this. This part works (it's using sync
> scripts I wrote and that are running daily on churro). However, there
> is no way to push the data back to packages. The is inherent to the
> distributed nature of packaging.

For the moment we have to push the data manually from Narro anyway.

> churro already has running cronjobs to gather this material (cf supra)
> so there's no need to duplicated work here. The published stats for
> po-debconf are built from that material. IIRC, from
> http://i18n.debian.net you should find your way to detailed
> explanations about this.
> As said above, I have a running cronjobs that push that material
> back to the debian-l10n SVN repository on alioth. This is working
> fairly well, but I monitor this quite loosely and this is anyway a
> kind of proof of concept. Of course, I'd very much welcome seeing more
> people jumping in this and proposiig evolutions to that framework.

To conclude, is the location suggested by Martin Bagge useable, at least 
for the moment?

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