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State of pootle.debian.net, alternatives for the Romanian team

[please keep debian-l10n-romanian in CC]


I would be interested in the state of pootle.debian.net. Is it usable?  
As far as I can tell the stats for Romanian are wrong.

Also, some Romanian translators have expressed their interest in using 
the Narro[1] instance running at tradu.softwareliber.ro, especially 
since it seems to have attracted quite some community of FLOSS 
translators, including from Ubuntu.

For this we would need a source for all po/pot files in Debian. I know 
where to get the files for d-i, Installation Manual and Release Notes, 
but as far as I know all debconf templates can only be obtained from the 
individual source packages and I doubt we have the space and/or 
processing power to extract them ourselves (periodically).

Any suggestion welcome.
[1] http://narro-project.blogspot.com/

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