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Re: State of pootle.debian.net, alternatives for the Romanian team

Quoting Andrei Popescu (andreimpopescu@gmail.com):
> Take for example sublevel 2:
> - in Pootle:	5634t116f496u
> - in SVN:	492t13f22u
> I must be missing something!

Yes. The count in Pootle is a count by word while stats displayed on
the dedicated stats page are using a count by strings.

> > As said above, I have a running cronjobs that push that material
> > back to the debian-l10n SVN repository on alioth. This is working
> > fairly well, but I monitor this quite loosely and this is anyway a
> > kind of proof of concept. Of course, I'd very much welcome seeing more
> > people jumping in this and proposiig evolutions to that framework.
> To conclude, is the location suggested by Martin Bagge useable, at least 
> for the moment?
> http://i18n.debian.net/material/po/
> http://i18n.debian.net/material/templates/


That data is what's used to build the content of the debian-l10n SVN,
which should be available from
(I give this URL from memory, so please check).

So you can either sync  http://i18n.debian.net/material/templates/ of
the SVN, whatever bette rfits your needs.

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