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Re: State of pootle.debian.net, alternatives for the Romanian team

Quoting Andrei Popescu (andreimpopescu@gmail.com):
> [please keep debian-l10n-romanian in CC]
> Hello,
> I would be interested in the state of pootle.debian.net. Is it usable?  

Only for debian-installer level 1 files. This is the only project
where a two-way process is possible and where it is possible to commit
from Pootle and have you work being used without any other action.

> As far as I can tell the stats for Romanian are wrong.

For D-I, they shouldn't.

Other projects are more prospective things I try to keep running. The
"debconf" or "po-debconf" projects is supposedly gathing all material
for debconf templates l10n, assemble them in an SVN hosted on alioth
and have Pootle hooked on this. This part works (it's using sync
scripts I wrote and that are running daily on churro). However, there
is no way to push the data back to packages. The is inherent to the
distributed nature of packaging.

I have a few long term ideas to be able to allow pulling l10n material
from an online source during package builds but the tools still have
to be written for this and the workflow needs refinement as Debian
package builds should not *depend* on being online or not.

> Also, some Romanian translators have expressed their interest in using 
> the Narro[1] instance running at tradu.softwareliber.ro, especially 
> since it seems to have attracted quite some community of FLOSS 
> translators, including from Ubuntu.
> For this we would need a source for all po/pot files in Debian. I know 
> where to get the files for d-i, Installation Manual and Release Notes, 
> but as far as I know all debconf templates can only be obtained from the 
> individual source packages and I doubt we have the space and/or 
> processing power to extract them ourselves (periodically).

churro already has running cronjobs to gather this material (cf supra)
so there's no need to duplicated work here. The published stats for
po-debconf are built from that material. IIRC, from
http://i18n.debian.net you should find your way to detailed
explanations about this.

As said above, I have a running cronjobs that push that material
back to the debian-l10n SVN repository on alioth. This is working
fairly well, but I monitor this quite loosely and this is anyway a
kind of proof of concept. Of course, I'd very much welcome seeing more
people jumping in this and proposiig evolutions to that framework.

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