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Re: [D-I] Please test Debian Installer with console-setup (3rd version)

Quoting Anton Zinoviev (anton@lml.bas.bg):

> Actualy the answer is simple.  The keymaps of XKB are organized in such 
> a way that the French file should support all people living in France - 
> no matter how few or how many are these people.  You can expect that in 

This is very surprising, really. There are probably, living in France,
people from each and every country in the world...or nearly so. So,
should we then carry hundreds of keymaps because there are Bulgarian
people living here? Either these people use the crappy french keyboard
we put in front of our computers to trick out foreigners...or they buy
a US keyboard at the next computer store...or they bring a Bulgarian
keyboard from home. In the latter case, they will happily choose
"Other", then "Bulgaria", then the right variant.

I have not seen any single "Georgian" keyboard in my entire computing
life in France.

I may understand some reasons to sort things by country. Fine. But, in
such case, only list layouts representing physical keyboards (or
sometimes virtual...."bepo" and "dvorak" layouts come to mind) that are
indeed really *used* in the said country, according to the local people.

> Now consider for example the Georgian layout based on AZERTY - this 
> layout can be used only on teritories where the keyboards are imprinted 
> according to the AZERTY layout.  So fr(geo) is a layout for France and 
> it has nothing to do with Georgia.

In that case, you're telling me that there is a layout basically meant
to handle Georgian language that is based on the AZERTY layout (which
some people call the "French" layout). 

So, what' you're telling me is that there should be some family
layouts named "Azerty", "Qwerty", "Qwertz", etc.

*that* would make sense. Putting a Georgian keymap under "France" does
not. Really not.

> The layouts in XKB are not language-based and there are many good 
> reasons why this is so.  You can organize some filtering for "useful" 

And there about about as many bad reasons for doing this.

One reason I find for sorting layouts by countries is because
some *countries* begin to normalize the keymaps. *Here*, I agree that
sorting by country could make some sense. But I don't think there is a
French standard for a Georgian keyboard layout.

Another reason I find is because this is easy to preseed. If ppl
answered they live in France, they would expect getting keyboard
layouts used in the country.

So, in short, I am not against sorting by country....and anyway, I
don't have much influence on this. Moreover, the recent work you did
makes things quite straightforward for the standard configuration of c-s.

My concern is more about we we have in D-I....

> layouts, but with time this filtering will become so distant from what 
> the upstream is providing us that it will become a nightmare to support 
> it.

I see absolutely no reason for this. I'm proposing to just make that
choice each time a language is added to D-I. We're doing this for
years (actually since D-I exists).

This is not filtering, this is selecting the most common
model/layout/variant combinations and propose only these ones in order
to follow the guidelines that has prevailed all time long during the
development of D-I: keep things simple and easy to cope with by random

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