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Re: [D-I] Please test Debian Installer with console-setup (3rd version)

On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 07:54:49PM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Actualy the answer is simple.  The keymaps of XKB are organized in such 
> > a way that the French file should support all people living in France - 
> > no matter how few or how many are these people.  You can expect that in 
> This is very surprising, really. There are probably, living in France,
> people from each and every country in the world...or nearly so. So,
> should we then carry hundreds of keymaps because there are Bulgarian
> people living here?

My opinion was "no" but recently it changed to "I don't know".  I 
suppose if xkeyboard-config is maintained in the current way, some 
future version of it will include AZERTY layouts for all major scripts 
in the world.  This is not necessarily bad - a French student who is 
studying Greek or Russian is not going to use Greek or Russian keyboards 
because with such a keyboard the student will have difficulties typing 
French or because with AZERTY layout the student won't have to learn the 
positions of the letters of the foreign script.

> I have not seen any single "Georgian" keyboard in my entire computing
> life in France.

Actually fr(geo) is not for Georgian keyboards.  It is for typing 
Georgian on a French keyboard.

> So, what' you're telling me is that there should be some family
> layouts named "Azerty", "Qwerty", "Qwertz", etc.
> *that* would make sense. Putting a Georgian keymap under "France" does
> not. Really not.

OK, I agree that it makes sense. :) And about a month ago this was 
exactly my opinion on the matter.  Now I am in the category "I don't know".

> Another reason I find is because this is easy to preseed. If ppl
> answered they live in France, they would expect getting keyboard
> layouts used in the country.

If you want you can submit a wishlist report to allow preseeding of the 
list of layouts to show.

console-setup/displayed_layouts = fr(basic),fr(nodeadkeys),fr(dvorak),ch(fr)

Veuillez choisir celle qui correspond au clavier de cette machine.

Disposition du clavier :

France - Éliminer les touches mortes
France - Dvorak
Suisse - Français

> > layouts, but with time this filtering will become so distant from what 
> > the upstream is providing us that it will become a nightmare to support 
> > it.
> I see absolutely no reason for this. I'm proposing to just make that
> choice each time a language is added to D-I. We're doing this for
> years (actually since D-I exists).

Console-data was maintained by you, i.e. by a member of d-i team. My 
concern is that Xkeyboard-config changes more rapidly than console-data.

BTW, it seems to me that there is no other file in XKB with such a 
diversity of variants as the French file. :) I don't know whether all 
these variants are realy used or not, but if they are not, one method to 
deal with this mess is to mark some of the variants in the file with the 
keyword "hidden".  In this way these variants will be still supported 
but the configuration programs will not present them to the users.  If 
there is agreement between the French users, the upstream can be 
convinced to make the changes.

Anton Zinoviev

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