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Re: State of the release notes (was: Thanks to all)

On 2009-02-13 10:49, Praveen A wrote:
> Can you build the release-notes using ttf-malayalam-fonts in lenny? It
> just has defoma dependency. The fonts packaged in etch have some
> rendering problems and pdf created with fonts in etch is bad.

www.debian.org runs etch with selected packages from
backports.org. You would have to provide for a package in
backports first and ask the admins afterwards. I don't think we
have that much time left.

Rhonda, Matt, etc.:
Would it be acceptable to just install the package
ttf-malayalam-fonts from lenny on www.debian.org? I just tested
in my etch chroot and it installs without further dependencies.
Creating the release notes for "ml" just works. One would have
to remove ml/*.pdf, however, otherwise the PDFs are not build

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