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Release notes: Thanks to all


it's (a little bit after) Thursday, 2009-02-12 23:59 UTC, so by
definition, the release notes are now translated.

Many thanks to all translators, it was and still is a great
pleasure to work in such a vibrant community!

Release team: Please decide what to do with unfinished
translations (< 90%) and some build problems:

* cs: looks like 76%, but probably it's much better (bad
  statistics at non-po)

  Proposal: Use anyway.

* ml: 65%

  Proposal: Deactivate.

* pt_BR: 84%, will be ready in few hours, according to faw

  Proposal: Wait for translation, if possible, otherwise deactivate.

* vi: 85%

  Proposal: Use anyway.

* PDF build problems: For unknown reasons, "es" currently does
  not build with dblatex on etch. OTOH, "pt" and "pt_BR" seem to
  build fine, which should be very similar. I'm lost at this.

  Proposal: No idea. Hope for fix. Deactivate PDF variant.

I leave everything as is for now and come back to you in a few hours.

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