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Re: State of the release notes (was: Thanks to all)

* Praveen A [Fri, 13 Feb 2009 10:49:51 -0800]:

> 2009/2/13 Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com>:
> > I'm going to be building CDs tomorrow. If you want to carry on doing
> > translations for a little longer, it's up to you. Just please make
> > sure that whatever's in place on the website at midnight tonight (UTC)
> > is ready to go.

> Steve,


> Can you build the release-notes using ttf-malayalam-fonts in lenny? It
> just has defoma dependency. The fonts packaged in etch have some
> rendering problems and pdf created with fonts in etch is bad.

Unfortunately the notice for the need for this has arrive too late, and
there wasn't enough time to ensure the system were the final version of
the Release Notes would get the Lenny version of ttf-malayalam-fonts,
since some strict requirements have to be met.

I've prepared the required packages now, and we'll install them in the
system as soon as possible so that at least the web version of the
release notes has proper rendering.


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