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Re: beep 1.2.2-22: Please translate debconf PO for the package beep

On Mon, 28 Jul 2008, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

I'm going to remove the Language-Team entry from the po file to reduce
the annoyance for future similar messages. Another option would of
course be to switch it to debian-l10n-swedish@lists.debian.org instead
instead of tp-sv@listor.tp-sv.se.

Thank you, the TP-list is in use but not for po-debconf, I'm not sure when in time the TP appeared in the po-file but the correct team address is the d-l-sv@l.d.o. I am sorry for the inconvenience this has brought up for you. Afaik all po-files updated the last month have the correct adresses attached.

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