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Re: beep 1.2.2-22: Please DO NOT translate debconf PO for the package beep


Am Montag, den 28.07.2008, 15:03 +0200 schrieb Gerfried Fuchs:
>  I would like to know if some of you would be interested in translating
> beep. There has been a small change to the template that requires all
> previous complete translations to recheck at least one string that is
> marked fuzzy now.

 There is no need to translate it right now. I have received a first
feedback with some suggestions for changes (namely, a typo and a
suggestion on how to better name the options). It was the first feedback
along that lines which to some point really puzzle me because beep
produces a udeb and I would have expected that all d-i components were
run through a peer review on debian-l10n-english.

 The latter (option change) will require some changes to the code to
actually make it work and thus take me a bit longer to make it really
work. I don't want to fumble with that at this point of the release
state and thus will give it extremely careful testing before I am sure
that I am willing to make the change - and send out another translation
update request.

 Sorry for the noise, the next update request will have the annoying
translation list problems eliminated from the package, I won't send
mails to lists anymore that don't want them - and I feel sorry for
having ranted here on the list.

 So long,
P.S.: Changelog additions:
  * debian/po/sv.po: Changed Language-Team to debian-l10n-swedish which
    doesn't send moderation mails (propably, can't read Swedish).
  * debian/po/vi.po: Removed the Language-Team as it bounces (or moderates,
    can't read Vietnamese).
  * debian/po/ru.po: Removed Last-Translator and changed Language-Team to
    debain-l10n-russian, both former addresses bounced.

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