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Re: New version of the coordination pages (pseudo-urls)


There has been a little progress regarding the status pages.

You will find a first try to generate the web pages with the status of the
work of the teams (similar to the German page [1]) and the support for
history (similar to the Dutch page [2]):
(The feature should be enabled for ca, de, es, fr, pt_BR, ro)

For example, on
the package tzdata has two lines of history (click on the line to display
or hide the history)

The progress is also indicated on the "is to do section" (see package

I would appreciate if you could test if this is useful, how it can be
enhanced, and if it works on your browser. (on some browsers, it seems to
work better after reloading the page)

(Note: the pages are statically generated, they use a short history
(June?), I do not intend to update the pages regularly)

[1] http://dutch.debian.net/
[2] http://sidney.homeunix.org/debian/de.po-debconf.by_popcon.html

Best Regards,

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