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Re: Intent to NMU pam to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org):

> > > So the best way to ensure that this bug remains fixed is to make sure this
> > > patch gets applied upstream so that it's available when I merge from there.
> > Actualy, wrt #470096 and #446549, I treated them as quilt patches to
> > better integrate with your build system (I can send the patches to the
> > BTS).
> Right; I'm not adding /any/ patches to the Debian package right now that
> aren't absolutely critical, because rebasing them already costs me too much
> time and results in Debian having a suboptimal PAM package.  So you /can/
> NMU these patches, but I'll just overwrite them with my next upload, sorry.
> The right solution, at present, is to get the changes accepted upstream
> first.


To make it clear. I will *not* NMU pam, Steve.

I have full confidence in the way you maintain packages (eh, we're
maintaining samba together and are doing a fairly good job, aren't we)
so even if, here, I think that it could be worth applying the upstream
l10n patches, I entirely respect your judgement to *not* do it.

You maintain pam and maintain it well (at least when considering the
beast that PAM can be)....so bad interaction from me would be
inappropriate. I'll just stick with a regular nagging about l10n, just
like I'm doing with other maintainers..:-)

> > Then in post-lenny work, I can offer to work with you on remerging
> > l10n with upstream, including bringing the changes we made
> > Debian-specific back to upstream's l10n if that's needed (the fix
> > which adds a space after password prompts in Spanish is fairly
> > important, I think).
> Well, this is precisely the problem: I don't have time to get the patches
> already in the Debian package pushed upstream, which is why I'm not willing
> to accept any new patches into the Debian package and want someone else to
> push them upstream directly.

OK. Let's discuss that at Debconf then (I'm still hoping that
argentinian days are 30 hours or so if I consider the number of things
I promised to do at Debconf...but we'll see).

Another option would be to find another i18n person who would be
motivated enough (for a long commitment) and volunteering to help on
that PAM l10n improvement, including the synchronization with upstream
(and following upstream development, etc.).

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