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Re: Intent to NMU pam to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 07:11:21AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I even know you're working to re-converge with upstream, indeed. WRT
> l10n I wonder what is upstream using. I had a brief look at the French
> translation and, apart from finding that it is not complete, I found
> no useful reference for a translator:

> "Last-Translator: Novell Language <language@novell.com>\n"
> "Language-Team: Novell Language <language@novell.com>\n"

> The same stands for several upstream translations: de, es, hu, it, ja,
> pt_BR, zh_CN, zh_TW

No idea; I guess Thorsten is pulling translations from some Novell/SuSE
translation service internally and applying them to the upstream repo.

> > So the best way to ensure that this bug remains fixed is to make sure this
> > patch gets applied upstream so that it's available when I merge from there.

> Actualy, wrt #470096 and #446549, I treated them as quilt patches to
> better integrate with your build system (I can send the patches to the
> BTS).

Right; I'm not adding /any/ patches to the Debian package right now that
aren't absolutely critical, because rebasing them already costs me too much
time and results in Debian having a suboptimal PAM package.  So you /can/
NMU these patches, but I'll just overwrite them with my next upload, sorry.
The right solution, at present, is to get the changes accepted upstream

> Still, I wonder: will lenny have ?

No.  There are a number of fixes important to us in newer versions, and I'm
working on getting us caught up to at least 1.0 for lenny.

An NMU for lenny for the upstream l10n issues is fine, as long as you
understand the only way to ensure they're carried over to lenny+1 is to get
the fixes upstream.  But I think you should wait until I'm done with my
upstream merging, first, which will take at least another week.

> If so, we could at least make an l10n update round for upstream
> translations so that translations are complete. Most are 4f6u and I
> find messages like the following to be fuzzy:

> #: modules/pam_unix/pam_unix_acct.c:323 modules/pam_unix/pam_unix_acct.c:330
> #, fuzzy, c-format
> msgid "Warning: your password will expire in %d day"
> msgid_plural "Warning: your password will expire in %d days"
> msgstr[0] "Avertissement : votre mot de passe expire dans %d jour%.2s"
> msgstr[1] "Avertissement : votre mot de passe expire dans %d jour%.2s"

> An expiration message is fairly an "important" one so I think it could
> be good if we provide something complete for lenny.

Yep - I'm happy to see things like this fixed (although lenny will be the
first version with any PAM i18n support so it won't be a regression if it's
not done).  Indeed, I would encourage you to track the new Debian pkg-pam
bzr branch at http://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-pam/debian/sid, so that you can
more easily work in parallel to my pending updates.[1]

> Then in post-lenny work, I can offer to work with you on remerging
> l10n with upstream, including bringing the changes we made
> Debian-specific back to upstream's l10n if that's needed (the fix
> which adds a space after password prompts in Spanish is fairly
> important, I think).

Well, this is precisely the problem: I don't have time to get the patches
already in the Debian package pushed upstream, which is why I'm not willing
to accept any new patches into the Debian package and want someone else to
push them upstream directly.

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  bzr branch http://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-pam/debian/sid pam.debian
  cd pam.debian
  bzr add debian/patches-applied/mypatch
  bzr commit
  bzr merge --remember http://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-pam/debian/sid

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