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Coordination pages/l10n bot: improvement suggestion


I really like that the coordination pages can now become official, but I always resented the fact
that you have to manually send a BTS#NNNNNN mail for the coordination pages to know about that bug.

So I am thining of two approaches to solve this problem, but I would honestly love the second one to
be the implemented one:

1) Allow also "[Bug#NNNNNN] $TYPE://$PACKAGE" as an equivalent of "[BTS#NNNNNN] $TYPE://$PACKAGE"
since it would be faster to forward the acknowledgement mail from the BTS, after some small deletes
from the subject - so we spare the translator from replacing also "Bug" with "BTS" for the mail to
be ok for the bot

(I would rather have this implemented)

2) Automatically infer the BTS from the X-Debbugs-CC-ed report based on the "In-reply-to:" header
that has the message ID of the current state of the mail.

Let me explain with an example (please, ignore the direct transitions from RFR2 directly to BTS):

Suppose I have a translation for mysql-dfsg-5.0 which is in a final stage of the review (here RFR2):


and since there are no more comments, I decide to send the translation to BTS.

All I have to do is to "reply-to-list" to the RFR2 message and change the to field to be submit@b.d.o and change the current "to" into a "X-Debbugs-CC" field, and now I'll have a threaded reply with the bug number from BTS:


So, as a user, all you have to remember is to "reply" to the mail that determined the current stage and the bot should figure out alone that the state is now BTS#NNNNNN.

What do you think?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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