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Presentation about Debian's l10n effort

Hi all,

DebianDayPT [1] will take place on Debian's 15th anniversary (16 August 2008) 
in Aveiro, Portugal (announcement in debian-events [2]).

As 'our main l10n man' (hi, bubulle :)) will be attending Debconf in Argentina 
I was 'nominated' as cheap local replacement to make a presentation about l10n 
and the Debian's l10n effort.

As this will be my 1st presentation about l10n I wish to have your inputs for 
such presentation. 

- What do you expect for such presentation? (topics to be covered...)
- What data should be presented
- Tips should be presented to the public
- Stories about/around Debian's l10n effort
- ...

Your comments, stories and tips will be greatly appreciated.

After the presentation I will make it available for others to use on other 

1 - http://debiandaypt.debianpt.org/ 
translation via google: 

2 - http://www.debian.org/events/2008/0816-debianday-pt


Melhores Cumprimentos/Best Regards

Miguel Figueiredo

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