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Re: po4a vs. poedit (was: Call for translations)

On 2008-07-15 07:24, Christian Perrier wrote:
> poedit is.....sometimes a fairly bad tool, IMHO.
> As you mention, it unwraps strings (msgid and msgstr) while most
> gettext tools use a 79-character wrapping scheme. Just try opening a
> PO file that got properly wrapped by msgcat, then simply save it in
> poedit --> the file will be unwrapped.

Yes, I just found #238497 of 2004-03-17. I'll stay with

> By using msgcat before doing anything useful with the PO file(s). This
> is for instance the policy in the French team: reformat files with
> msgcat before and after editing them, precisely to make diff more
> readable and useful.

Or msgattrib, as suggested in the bug report. Many thanks, I
will add sth. like this to my Makefile(s):

        for po in $(PO_FILES); do \
            msgcat $$po > $$po.tmp && mv $$po.tmp $$po; \

Thanks for the msgcat hint!

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