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Re: po4a vs. poedit (was: Call for translations)

Quoting W. Martin Borgert (debacle@debian.org):

> Speaking of tools: po4a-gettextize splits long paragraphs into a
> multi-line msgids. poedit concatenates such entries. I don't

poedit is.....sometimes a fairly bad tool, IMHO.

As you mention, it unwraps strings (msgid and msgstr) while most
gettext tools use a 79-character wrapping scheme. Just try opening a
PO file that got properly wrapped by msgcat, then simply save it in
poedit --> the file will be unwrapped.

In the past, it was also breaking down the former translation stuff
(the "#|" lines in PO files), putting them before other lines, which
is invalid according to the specs of PO format. All files produced by
these versions of it were invalid.

> care about the line format - but that way unreadable, huge diffs
> are created. How do other people solve this problem?

By using msgcat before doing anything useful with the PO file(s). This
is for instance the policy in the French team: reformat files with
msgcat before and after editing them, precisely to make diff more
readable and useful.

And, sometimes we forget about this (I am personnally forgetting much
too often).

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