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Re: Call for translations (debian-refcard)


thanks for the encouring reactions! Let me answer the questions:

- how to submit: People with SVN write access submit in SVN,
  others can send me a patch or, if you don't know diff/patch,
  the complete po file via mail. Please inform me about the SVN
  revision number your work is based on, if you know it.

- deadline: As for now there is no deadline. If a significant
  number of translations is finished, I will set a deadline for
  the remaining ones.

- cleaning PO files: Yes, feel free to do so, I will also look
  at the issue.

Nobody asked this, but anyway:

- encoding: Please use UTF-8 encoding. Nothing else.

- missing translations in docbook-xsl: refcard and many other
  documentation packages suffer from missing translation strings
  in docbook-xsl. Please consider helping this project, because
  many other projects (incl. Debian, GNOME, KDE, Linux, ...)
  will benefit from your work. The current state is, AFAIK:

Many thanks!

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