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po4a vs. poedit (was: Call for translations)

On 2008-07-14 20:00, Christian Perrier wrote:
> You should not enforce UTF-8 encoding on PO files. Tools that
> deal with PO files must be able to cope with various encodings. The
> gettext tools very well handle various encodings as long as they're
> properly announced in the PO file header.

It's not just the PO aware tools. One can view PO files via wsvn
(web), use a text editor or work with grep etc. at the command
line. Those tools have no knowledge of the encoding. As Debian
uses UTF-8 by default, this encoding makes fewer problems.

> Some teams might still have their own policy and could prefer other
> encodings. We should not enforce enything on them.

If somebody could enforce anything on anybody in Debian :~)

> If a given tool is limiting this, that tool should really be fixed.

Speaking of tools: po4a-gettextize splits long paragraphs into a
multi-line msgids. poedit concatenates such entries. I don't
care about the line format - but that way unreadable, huge diffs
are created. How do other people solve this problem?


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