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Sorting debconf templates statistics by priority

Quoting Mert Dirik (mertdirik@gmail.com):

> I think it would be good if priority of messages can effect the priority of the
> package. Packages with high popcon score but lots of low priority debconf
> messages should be less important than then the packages have not as high popcon
> score but generally show important messages.

Interesting idea, yes. It needs some processing of the maintainer
scripts which might not be trivial.

Basically grepping for the template name would qui easily bring the
priority that's used (something like "look at the word between
db_input and the template name"). I however suspect there might be
corner cases that would complicate this.

It brings me another idea, indeed: check if there are
templates.....that aren't used anymore in a package. I'm not sure
whether this test already exists in lintian, or not.

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