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Ideas wrt debconf templates checks

Hello Lintian maintainers and i18n 'informal team',

Before I report this as a wishlist bug, I'd like to have your input
on two ideas that popped up in my mind for possible lintian checks wrt
debconf templates:

1) Checking if a declared template is still used

Sometimes, maintainers rewrite maintainer scripts and remove the use a
a given debconf template but do not think about dropping it from
debian/*templates. It therefore clutters the debconf database and adds
extra useless work to translators.

Would a check for such situation be feasible, reasonable, in your
opinion ?
Does it already exist ? :-)

2) Checking for maintainers who forgot to send a call for translations

Many people know this is the best way to make me grumpy..:-)

Some people suggested /me to propose a check for incomplete
translations: have lintian warn if one of the files in debian/po is
not fully translated. While possible, I think this would have the
negative effect that maintainers would be tempted to remove it to make
their package "lintian clean"...which is not what they should do.

However, if *all* files are incomplete, it is very likely that the
maintainer indeed changed something in the debconf templates and did
not care (or did not take time) to send a call for translations.

So, I'm tempted to propose a check for this but would like to get your
advice before.


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