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Re: Package name?

Am Montag, den 16.06.2008, 18:03 +0200 schrieb Christian Perrier:
> Quoting Gerfried Fuchs (rhonda@deb.at):
> >  Though: Clytie's point is still there: Are the translations lost in
> > between, is there so many changes that it makes the translation drop
> > completely? From looking at the changelog of mysql 5.0 it is in fact
> > based on the mysql 4.1 packages which were based on the mysql 4.0
> > packages ...
> Something that I already mentioned to maintainers each time they were
> breaking templates for these packages (which happened a *lot*)...

 Well, if it happens a *lot* it would be sufficient for me to justify a
debian-devel-announce mail about it. Do you want to write one yourself,
have a suggestion for a text for it, or leave this decision to someone
else completely? I am lacking the background about the *lot*
unfortunately, but I trust you that your emphasis is justified.

> But, indeed, that part of the work can only be done by
> maintainers. We, translators, have few possible actions (except using
> a compendium on our side, of course).

 Especially then we should get maintainers more aware of the issue. It's
not that l10n is something that should be uncarefully stumbled over,
it's not too hard to play nice in that area.

 So long,

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