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Re: status of DDTP and ftp mirror synchronization?

On Sat, Dec 15, 2007 at 10:23:50AM -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> The package, .dsc and byhand-ddtp
> are here: http://people.debian.org/~faw/ddtp/

(I haven't looked at this yet)

> 	Some doubts appear in the process, while writing the byhand
> I realize that you (or other ftpmaster) probably would need to adjust
> the necessary bits like paths and make sure that 'rm -rf' do not
> erase the entire archive.


> We tried to check the consistence of the
> tarball and also the names, we plan to add other checks, and I hope
> it would be not too hard to update it in the future. We decide to
> take care of the enconding on our side, before the upload.


>  * When we upload a new file "removing" a translation, how would we
>    remove that from the archive? byhand-ddtp should take care of that?

Uploading a set of translations for unstable will replace /all/
the translations for unstable, IMO. So if you have some new Turkish
translations you have to re-upload all the old Spanish translations
even if they haven't changed -- if you don't, we'll assume Spanish is
no longer a useful language and will drop translations for them.

So, yes, byhand-ddtp should take care of that, afaics.

>  * We were concern about the version format system, but I think the
>    package is not going to appear on the archive,

That's largely correct. You can use a different package name / version
format if you have a better one. You can also upload a source and binary
package if you think that's useful (it is for debian-maintainers, eg).

>  * Can we close bugs using debian/changelog like on a normal package?
>    Because we could close #431891 when this upload happens. :)

Yes, afaik that works fine.

> 	I also tried to implement the check of allowed uploads, but
> it seems that it needs to be done on archive side, I don't have the
> necessary understanding of projectb to implement that, but we would
> like to restrict who can upload the new translations.

Why would you want to do that? Tag uploads aren't restricted, eg, nor
are glibc uploads. Why are translations more special than either of those?


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