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Re: getting translated description of packages through apt

Quoting Gerfried Fuchs (alfie@ist.org):

>  So you think leaving it open to people with no history in translation
> to work on these things is a good approach because you can't write it
> all yourself? Sorry, but that's a pretty blindfold and naive approach
> and is more hurting that it does good...

Well, speaking for myself, I would definitely vote for a better system
than the one we have.

However, when it comes at packages descriptions, the amount of work is
*so huge* that having a kind of "first round" where even not perfect
translations can enter, is probably better than nothing.

You know, most of the original package descriptions suck quite a lot
anyway, with approximative English and more than often Frengligh,
Germish, Spanglish, or Geek-Jargonish....so showing less broken
"translations" of Not-So-Good English is more an enhancement than a

This is indeed why I changed my mind and, for instance for French, I
accept the compromise that far-from-perfect translations are done for
some packages.

So, better system: we definitely need it. Stop the work until we have
it: I don't think that would be the best solution.

So, advice to ppl hurted by imperfect German in packages descriptions
translations: turn them off and stick with ugly geeky airport English..:-)

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